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SBN Academy is not just a learning platform, it is a way out and a way forward for today's online entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing employees, as well as aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs.

Our platform and programs are powerful and flexible, and it has been designed to meet the needs of any individual or business. Even yours.


Anyone with the desire to turn their dreams into reality, to create something out of nothing, and to impact the world, can access SBN Academy. The platform is for all, as long as you're ready to not just learn, but take actions.

"Action is the only currency for success"

Note From Our Founder

Lucie Udeme

SBN Academy was created out of necessity

In 2017, when I decided to start teaching entrepreneurs how to start a meaningful and profitable online business, I realized I couldn't do it all by myself, and also I needed to build a platform that thousands of people can have easy access to quality education on subjects they can actually turn into a profitable business.