The Core Elements Of Small Business Marketing

Hi, I'm Lucie, the founder of SBN Academy.

Welcome to our first ever blog post on this platform, and I wanted to be the first to give you a very useful tip.

I want to show you how you can start and do online marketing the right way, using the right tools and the right techniques.

Online Marketing is actually simple if you know the right process to follow, stick to those process, and have the right tools in place.

I am going to break down those process for you in this post.

Now, the Core Elements Of Small Business Marketing is basically the most important things you need to begin leveraging online marketing and acquiring new customers online.

There are 5 core elements, and you can't do without these 5 elements - shouldn't try to run an online business or market your products or services without them.


Your business needs a website now more than ever.

If you have been promoting your products or services only on social media, then I have news for you - it's not a sustainable business plan or model.

Why? because your favourite social media platform(s) doesn't belong to you, and they were not built for leads and sales conversion, but websites are.


Blogging still is one of the greatest ways for small businesses to:

  • Get exposure and visibility,

  • Build trust,

  • Increase their site ranking on search engines like Google,

  • Build email lists of interested customers, and

  • Add value to the overall customer experience.


Did you know that it takes at least 7 touches of interaction with a potential customer before they will consider buying from you?

This is why email marketing is so important, it gives you the ability to market with a personal touch without coming across too pushy.

And, if you haven't started using it, then you should ASAP.


Conversion marketing is focused on taking the visitors on your website, or even your followers and turning them into paying customers.

And there are lots of amazing tools you can use to automate this process, for example: Convert a person browsing your website or an interested follower into a buyer even when you're sleeping.


Social media is one of the greatest marketing tools to date, and it's differently here to stay.

If done right, you can use these platforms to:

  • Connect with both potential customers and your current customers,

  • Increase your brand's awareness, and

  • Boost your leads and sales

Social media supports all the other four elements... it's usually the first touchpoints for most marketing campaign - i.e. the first place that your prospects get to hear about and experience your brand.


Our Recommended Tools For WEBSITES

  • WIX: if you'd like to design your website yourself. Wix is simple to use, and very functional.

  • INMOTION HOSTING: This is usually my go-to hosting company. We have used them for over 3 years now, and we have no complaints. They have very affordable plans, and I really love their customer service, and how fast they respond to/solve issues.

  • WHOGOHOST: This is for those in Nigeria and Africa, if you want to have a domain name with the .ng or, then this is the go-to and the only host we have used and experienced in Nigeria.

Our Recommended Tools For BLOGGING

  • WORDPRESS: This is the best and our favourite blogging platform, and we recommend it even if you're just a beginner.

  • ANSWER THE PUBLIC: This is a great market research tool you can use to discover topics your audience are interested in, and you can start creating blog and social media posts on those topics

  • SNAPPA: Is a great tool for creating attention-grabbing and pinnable blog graphics, it's what I used to create the graphics on this post.

Our Recommended Tools For EMAIL TOOLS

  • MAILERLITE: This is a super great and easy to email marketing tool. What I love most about it, is their marketing automation feature.

  • MAILCHIMP: This is also a really great email marketing tool. I started email marketing with MailChimp. What I like most about this tool, is their thorough reporting.

Our Recommended Tools For CONVERSION TOOLS

  • LEADPAGES: I used LeadPages for almost all my launches, both free and paid ones. It's a great tool for creating high-converting landing pages, Opt-in forms, thank you pages, alert bars and pop-ups... all those things are must-have online marketing tactics for converting lead and customers today.

  • WEBINARJAM + EVERWEBINAR: These are two tools from the same company, but which different functions. The former is great for hosting webinars you can easily convert sales, and the latter is great for hosting webinars and converting sales on your webinar, even without you being live or online.


Our Recommended Tools For SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS

  • CANVA: This is my all favourite social media and blog graphics design tool, and it gets better every year. I really love the new animated social media graphics.

  • INSHOT: My favourite tool for editing social media videos. If you are looking for a very functional short video editing tool, that you can also add subtitles, music, sound effects, filters and stickers, you should most definitely try this out.

  • LATER: This is the only social media scheduling tool that I use now. It's so fun and easy to use, and you can also analyse your page and post-performance with this tool.

  • HASHTAG EXPERT: This is one tool that I purchased by mistake, and I have learnt to use, and hoping to fall in love with soon. It's an Instagram hashtag research

  • LINKTREE: Because you have one chance to impress and convert from social media, why not use it wisely with LinkTree. This tool offers you the opportunity to promote multiple links at a time, and it's great if you have multiple offers, you are trying to promote to a different audience.

  • BITLY: It's not just a great tool for shortening and organizing the links you share on your social media pages, it also helps you track link clicks.

  • FACEBOOK ADS: This tool can help you grow your business fast if done right. It can amplify your content, and help you quickly connect and engage with the people who are interested and ready to buy whatever you're selling.

That's all for now.

Thank you for reading through, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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